Treatment Information

Car Crash Treatment

Car crashes are serious, and can have long-lasting health implications. Taking action to care for you and your family  immediately following a traffic collision can make  all the difference when it comes to healing more quickly and effectively.  That’s why it’s important to take initial treatment very seriously.
Using a variety of techniques that support the healing process, we can help you get your life back fast. Usually by the third or fourth appointment you will notice increased range of motion, decreased pain, better, restful sleep and more energy. 
Many patients have told us the most effective treatment they received after an accident was medical massage therapy and acupuncture.

Prenatal Massage

Safe and effective prenatal massage requires a high level of expertise.  Massage therapists at Masterpiece bring formal training, skill, and compassion to the table. We feature the Body Support System, a specialized cushioning system which allows women in every trimester to comfortably lie face down and on her side.